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Zero People Found This Helpful is moving to Bumper Sticker Politics - featured image

We’ve moved ZeroPeopleFoundThisHelpful to BumperStickerPolitics today. Now you can find stickers and all other manner of funny stuff to buy along with all our old funny posts and youtube videos.

But why though?

It all started with my YouTube channel Daniel Repasky which gained some popularity uploading Gif Sound Mashups. I made Zero People Found This Helpful as a place to post more funny stuff and keep it all together with the videos. Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t agree with me that these are works of Fair Use and parody, they gave all the monetization to other people, and I stopped uploading.

What now?

ZPFTH is now BSP, get used to it, we’re going green!

Now I made Bumper Sticker Politics, where I can post whatever I want and upload sticker designs that I make and like, and you can buy them. So check out the links in the top menu and see if there’s anything you like. If there isn’t, drop me an email and I’ll either laugh at you or with you depending on how bad your take is: