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2016 Gif Sound Mashup

2016 Gif Sound Mashup & bring you our 14th Gif Sound Mashup – the best gifs with sound of 2016!

►GifSounds used:
0:03 Bad Santa
0:09 Toy dog
0:13 Raise a little L
0:17 Badass monkey
0:23 Tina Crash
0:34 Worn out faces
0:43 Doge in the corner
0:51 Don’t stop me
1:03 Warmest greetings
1:06 Children falling over
1:16 Lord of the Pugs
1:24 WTF snow cat
1:29 Vape bender
1:41 Don’t touch monkey
1:48 Magneto car
1:54 Single doges
1:58 Sneaky kitty
2:06 Cow launch
2:18 Don’t touch tree
2:24 Interstellar cube
2:33 Real Quidditch
2:43 Balloon dog
2:51 Kangaroo punch out
3:00 Moscow president
3:07 Bootleg fireworks
3:16 Hell’s balls
3:25 Bat doge
3:32 Ribs
3:36 Genghis Khan
3:43 Smooth operator
3:47 Good bad and dogey
3:57 Weird Russian birds
4:05 Booty bird
4:12 Boing hair
4:15 Superman bike
4:30 I’ve got hose
4:36 Lemme out
4:43 That’s a moray
4:48 Dubstep fly
4:54 Bad GoT
5:01 Dark side remix
5:07 Indiana snow
5:10 RIP 2016

Honorable mentions (we cut these from the video):
Dog fall
I need it
Tinder swipe
Slug riders
Couldn’t think of a sound for this one

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Goodbye 2016, we won’t miss ya!

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