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2016 Gif Sound Mashup

2016 Gif Sound Mashup & bring you our 14th Gif Sound Mashup – the best gifs with sound of 2016!

►GifSounds used:
0:03 Bad Santa
0:09 Toy dog
0:13 Raise a little L
0:17 Badass monkey
0:23 Tina Crash
0:34 Worn out faces
0:43 Doge in the corner
0:51 Don’t stop me
1:03 Warmest greetings
1:06 Children falling over
1:16 Lord of the Pugs
1:24 WTF snow cat
1:29 Vape bender
1:41 Don’t touch monkey
1:48 Magneto car
1:54 Single doges
1:58 Sneaky kitty
2:06 Cow launch
2:18 Don’t touch tree
2:24 Interstellar cube
2:33 Real Quidditch
2:43 Balloon dog
2:51 Kangaroo punch out
3:00 Moscow president
3:07 Bootleg fireworks
3:16 Hell’s balls
3:25 Bat doge
3:32 Ribs
3:36 Genghis Khan
3:43 Smooth operator
3:47 Good bad and dogey
3:57 Weird Russian birds
4:05 Booty bird
4:12 Boing hair
4:15 Superman bike
4:30 I’ve got hose
4:36 Lemme out
4:43 That’s a moray
4:48 Dubstep fly
4:54 Bad GoT
5:01 Dark side remix
5:07 Indiana snow
5:10 RIP 2016

Honorable mentions (we cut these from the video):
Dog fall
I need it
Tinder swipe
Slug riders
Couldn’t think of a sound for this one

Make your own! –
no account required

Goodbye 2016, we won’t miss ya!

This video is covered under Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107 – Fair Use:
All visuals and sound are no more than a few seconds in length, parody the original works, are highly transformative, and are not in any way a substitute for the original. All visuals and sound are used under the Fair Use doctrine of United States copyright law. If you feel your work is being used improperly, contact us via the Contact link at

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Amazon Ups Their Silly Holiday Sweater Game for Black Friday

Under their “Festive Sweaters” section, Amazon has really upped their game for silly holiday sweaters just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Time to pick up your Christmas Sloth sweater for 62% off!

For example, this sloth sweater is just amazing and is guaranteed to get all the ladies at your company holiday party. You’ll notice this particular sloth has gotten onto the legal marijuana train as well, judging by the face he’s making.

If you’re feeling frisky, check out this T-Rex! He is wearing a sweater himself and his tiny arms don’t fill the whole sleeves – so meta! He’s both cute and cool; and just look at how happy the guy wearing it looks. For extra points, hold your own arms inside the sleeves and make T-Rex noises.

For the ladies, we have Jesus high-fiving Santa. On a beautifully textured green background you’re sure to call attention to the fact that you’re the most festive person in the room.

If you’re feeling less Jesus-ey and more Unicorny (get it, corny?), check out this dapper unicorn in red. Even though Laura N. says “This was a hit at an ugly sweater party.” in the reviews – I can’t figure out what could possibly be ugly about this magestic beast.

Speaking of ugly unicorns, check out this guy who drank enough egg nog to barf out an assortment of candy and snowflakes. Don’t ask us how the snowflakes didn’t melt in his stomach acid, or why he looks like a donkey with a horn, just enjoy your ugly sweater competition trophy.

Everything about this Game of Thrones referencing Santa on a throne of candy canes says “look out, we’ve got a badass over here”. People will surely stay out of your way wearing this one, as they’ll have no choice but to respect your political prowess.

Speaking of llamas (ok, no one even mentioned llamas, but we’re talking about them now damn it!), check out this beautiful llama. Not only is he wearing a real scarf that hangs off the sweater, but there are tiny llamas in the design in the background!

Here’s a cute little Christmas pug sweater. If anyone says this is an ugly holiday sweater I’ll personally have words with them – this is the cutest little puggy ever! You have permission to give anyone sass who insults the precious pug.

And then there’s this cock sweater. Do with it as you please.