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Automatically tweeting when you like a YouTube video

I was just fixing the ZPFTH site and realized that our Twitter account stopped auto-tweeting when I liked a YouTube video. I actually liked that feature because sometimes a small video maker would enjoy seeing themselves mentioned on Twitter, and it shares more funny and interesting stuff – which this site is all about anyway.

Apparently, YouTube got rid of the feature all the way back in January, which is when mine stopped without my noticing – and loads of sites incorrectly say it will works.

But I fixed it with IFTTT

Fortunately, IFTTT has this nice applet – Automatically Tweet the videos you like which lets you simply connect your YouTube account, your Twitter account, and it tweets your likes as you like videos with a cool little “thumbs up” emoji.


I thought I’d share my experience, since there’s so much bad information out there about how to automatically tweet when you like a YouTube video. Enjoy!