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ZPFTH Presents: Gif Sound Mashup Eleven!

It’s here: Gif Sound Mashup Eleven! Featuring piggies, batman, pandas, and of course the obligatory Emma Watson. Enjoy it, and then like it if you liked it: & bring you Gif Sound Mashup 11!
►GifSounds used (gif source on the left, YouTube link on the right):
0:09 Piggy
0:13 House Music 
0:17 Birdception + Inception soundtrack
0:23 Sexy Squirrel 
0:29 Smashing Ladies 
0:32 Single Ronaldo 
0:35 Cat Vengeance 
0:39 Puppy Conga 
0:47 Live TV Bond 
0:51 Bane Cat 
1:03 Butta Butta 
1:06 Batcar-dboard 
1:13 CupCraft 
1:17 Thrift Shop Scooby 
1:19 Dog Party Pooper 
1:25 SuperCop 
1:37 Pimpin Goat 
1:42 Rollin Regular 
1:53 Helicopter Legs 
1:57 Riverdoge 
2:00 Baby Zoidberg 
2:03 Devil Pooh 
2:08 TryHard Turtle + Linkin Park In the End
2:17 GoalFish 
2:20 Skater River 
2:26 Silly Stairs 
2:30 Infinite Pole Dancer 
2:34 Jong-Un Looks at Me 
2:43 Faded Vader 
2:47 Panda Tunnel 
2:59 Emma Watson Grows Up 
3:07 Jurassic Booty 
3:15 Riverside Mutha 
3:20 Brick in Yo Face 
3:26 Abed 
3:29 A Bed 
3:31 You’re the Best 

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